Slice of Greece is a Greek patisserie and coffee shop which brings the Greek patisserie tradition and 25 years of experience in dessert making to Edinburgh. By leading such a patisserie, we aim to bring the memories and feelings of the Greek culture to Edinburgh.

We work hard every day to give our customers a sweet taste of Greek tradition and share our undivided love for Greek desserts and great coffee with our community. People will also be able to enjoy our breakfast options, including breakfast boxes.

With Slice of Greece, we aim to bring the “home feeling” and atmosphere of a traditional Greek Patisserie (=Zaharoplasteio) to Edinburgh. People will be able to enjoy our desserts and coffees, while learning about the tradition and origin of every dessert. We want people to recall happy memories of sunny holidays in Greece, as well as create new memories connected to the city of Edinburgh, bringing the separate geographic locations closer together.



All our desserts are home-made with fresh and only locally sourced products, as we value our customers and community as well as strive to deliver high quality products.


Integrity is a vital part of our organisation. We remain truthful, honest and respectful to our customers, ourselves and our community.


We love what we do, and we show it. Passion is closely linked to happiness and motivates us to keep learning and becoming the best in what we do.

Customer Commitment

We place our customers at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to delivering the best products that will exceed customer expectations.


With a smile on our faces, we bring positive energy and enthusiasm to our work. Our famous Greek hospitality is the fuel of our products and we believe that being positive and supportive to our people and our customers will make a difference in their lives.